Sometimes you don’t need to buy a new sign you just need to repair an existing one. If your lights aren’t working properly or your old sign looks faded or has weather damage our repair services might be just what you need to get your signage looking like new again!

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Not Working

If your illuminated sign is blinking, not turning on or only some letters are turning on you may be experiencing an electrical issue with your LEDs or power supplies. When you contact us, a team member will work quickly to diagnose the issue and bring your sign back to life by replacing the necessary power components. Some Common Issues: Sign Doesn’t Turn On Sign Blinks or Flashes Only Some Letters Light Up

Damaged Graphics

If your sign looks faded or weather damaged we can replace the parts with brand new materials while still keeping the structure of your sign intact. This is a more cost effective way of repairing a sign rather than having to redo everything, but keep in mind if you did want this service you may have a non-operative sign for a short time while it is being replaced. Some Common Issues: Weather Damaged Faded Graphics Broken of Cracked

Upgrade To LED's

If you have old fluorescent bulbs in your sign we can switch them out with a new LED lighting system which will help you be more energy efficient and have a brighter more clean looking illuminated sign. Some Common Issues: Out Dated Lighting Dim or Dark Areas High Electric Bill

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